Three Week Course on Benefits of Meditation Practice and Yoga for Health & Wellness 31st Jan-14th Feb


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22/500, Seventeen Mile Rocks Road, Sinnamon Park, Qld, 4073, Australia
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Friday, 31 Jan 2014
$65(when you like us on face book) or $70
3713 7713


Never tried yoga and meditation before? Try it Now ! No Previous experience or  knowledge  or fitness level required.Come with an open mind and our uplifting classes will help you feel lighter and lift your mind, body & spirits! Imagine  how wonderful  life would be if you had  abundant energy & vitality?

While attending these classes you will learn how to use the power  of your breath to lead you into deep meditation, to increase energy and  vitality, and effectively release tension.

Our 3 week  introductory course in Meditation & Yoga is a wonderful blend of Meditation practices,yoga postures & breathing leading to deep relaxation and healing of mind and body.  It will stimulate your body’s systems,  blood circulation and speed up the  metabolism making you experience increased energy levels and a greater sense of  inspiration and enthusiasm for life. 

It will arm you with strategies to

• Clear out the continuous  background chatter from your mind 

• Reduce stress and anxiety levels

• Experience Tranquility and peaceful state of  mind

• Feel vigour,vitality, energy and clarity 

• Deal effectively with stressful situations

The techniques and postures are especially designed for people who find it  hard to relax, and slow the mind.