Kids Yoga Classes Term 4


Map of Sinnamon Park, QLD
22/500, Seventeen Mile Rocks Road, Sinnamon Park, QLD, 4073, Australia
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Tuesday, 13 Oct 2015 to Tuesday, 17 Nov 2015
$ 75 for 6 week term
0434 628 094


Mind-body fitness is one of the main focus areas of the Senior Yogi program. 

In many children  the ability to  concentrate  and focus their minds on a particular object/subject today seem to vary from one extreme to another. With the ever increasing  reliance on modern technology TV, video games, mobile phones, more and more children are turning into couch potatoes and as a result their mental and physical development is hamphered.

Through a combination of challenging  and stimulating postures and breathing techniques  we try to ensure that the children are refresfed , replenished and re-invigorated.

According to their level and ability the children are taught advanced kids yoga postures, dynamic sequences to challenge and strengthen their growing bodies and how to consciously go into deep relaxation .