Children yoga 4 weeks , Friday 4:15pm


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617 Seventeen Mile Rocks Road, Sinnamon Park, QLD, 4073, Australia
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Friday, 2 Mar 2012
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Vivek has taught yoga to more then 2000 children in Brisbane

The postures are specially designed for children and not just adult poses forced on children

We address common issues that plague most children these days. Short span of concentration, lethargy, fatigue and loss of appetite . 

Children in developed countries who devote more time playing computer games and watching TV tend to be lazier compared to their counterparts who do not have access to the modern technology . As a consequence  physical inactivity is very common leading to many lifestyle diseases like diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis etc, later the life. 

At Om Yoga Wellness Centre we strive to create new horizons  of integrated  mind and body fitness through our yoga  programms for young kids.

In this course, besides learning basic yoga asanas (postures) Junior Yogis are also taught different yoga postures to help improve their focus and concentration. They will also be introduced to various methods and techniques to calm and relax their mind, and ways to cope with day-to-day stresses.  

Included for $45

4 weeks children yoga course


specially designed for children 6-10yr olds