Springbrook Yoga Retreat Feb 2014


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2184 Springbrook Road, Springbrook, QLD, 4213, Australia
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Friday, 21 Feb 2014
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(07) 5534 2883


Need some space? Want to focus on yoga and natural living for a weekend? Our Springbrook Retreat is just around the corner (21-23 February 2014).

Let the distractions of daily life drop away and come back to your core self and who you truly are, in a stunning natural environment, fully catered with delicious vegetarian food, yoga and meditation, the company of fellow yogis & yoginis, a drumming session, didgeridoo relaxation and more.

Our weekend retreats have seeded many friendships and transformations over the years - giving yourself time and space in nature, with a conscious focus can be all that you need…

The retreat is held at the stunning Springbrook Theosophical Society

Retreat Centre in the Gold Coast Hinterland, where you will have your own room with shared facilities (you can check out their website here:


The retreat is fully catered with delicious vegetarian food by Marg.

This year we have two teachers facilitating the retreat, Suzanne Gray and Kathy Mason. Check out our brand new website www.goldcoastyogacentre.com/teachers to read about our amazing teachers.

The retreat runs something like this:

Friday 21 February

2:30pm Arrival and Orientation

4:30- 6:30pm. Meditation + Yoga with Suzanne Gray


Saturday 22 February

6:30 Meditation and Pranayama

7-8:30am Yoga with Kathy Mason


Philosophical talk with Suzanne Gray


4:30-6 Meditation + Yoga with Suzanne Gray


Didgeridoo healing with Eshua

Sunday 23 February

6:30am Meditation and Pranayama

7-8:30am Yoga with Kathy Mason


Drumming session with Petrina Tonkin


Wrap up and goodbyes


Early bird: $340 (paid by Feb 10)

Normal: $375 (paid after Feb 10)

Deposit: $100 deposit needed to secure your place.

Places are limited. Call (07) 5534 2883 or email yoga88@goldcoastyogacentre.com to book.

Check out pics from our last retreat here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.501202049962821.1073741832.122308201185543&type=3

At a talk on his near death experience, Dr Eben Alexander said that at the very core of existence was a sound, and that sound was "OM". As he was a Christian scientist who had no exposure to the teachings of the East, this was a profound statement to make, and it made a lasting impression on me! "OM" is said to be the sound of all creation, the sound of the divine, of the universe itself. The vibration of "OM" both effects us profoundly, and is revealed within us, increasing our consciousness and health. Primordial sounds such as drumming and didgeridoo also awaken this vibration within. My intention in this retreat is to create the space you need to let go of the distractions of daily life, and get in touch with who you truly are. I have chosen an amazing didgeridoo healing session and drumming workshop to enhance the experience and get to the vibrational heart of being in a naturally joyful way, building on your yoga and meditation practice. The philosophy talk will also be directed towards getting to know your true essential self - Suzanne Gray

Included for $340-375

Cost includes 4 meditation and yoga classes, accommodation and full catering with vegetarian food. Also a didgeridoo healing and drumming circle. Accommodation is own room with shared facilities.