Breath and Meditation

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Friday, 20 Mar 2020 toSunday, 22 Mar 2020
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Breath and Meditation Course
with Monica Rottmann

Friday 20 March 6.30pm-9pm
Saturday 21 March 10am – 1pm
Sunday 22 March 10am-1pm

Early Bird $275 – before 8 March

Full Price $320 – after 8 March

Includes a free 5 class pass.

Our mind is all we have. Everything we ever experience is shaped by our minds. Our minds can make us miserable and our state of mind plays a huge role in the quality of our lives.

Many of us have tried meditation only to find it hard, boring or unable to stop thinking.

This is the trap that most of us fall into – we haven’t adequately prepared the mind for meditation.

There’s no instant off switch for the mind. But there are techniques to slowing down our thoughts before we start meditating.

In this unique 3 Day Course we will cut through ordinary thinking and experience higher states of consciousness through a combination of ancient yogic tradition and modern science.

You will practice and find the technique that works best for you.

Suitable for beginners.

“I found the theory and science behind meditation really interesting. I also thought everything was explained really clearly and it was easy to understand. And I really enjoyed the meditation practice as I found it much easier than usual to clear my mind after the preparation exercises. – Laura”

Included for$275-320

Free 5 class pass

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Friday 20 March 6.30pm-9pm

Theory 1hr
+ Why we have trouble meditating
+ Stress and the nervous system
+ The magic of the breath

Practice 60-75min
+ Breathing techniques to calm the mind
+ Moving meditation to relax the body
+ Breath meditation for focus
+ Centering meditations for inner awareness

Saturday 21 March 10am- 1pm

Theory 45min
+ Brain anatomy
+ Understanding the conscious, subconscious, unconscious mind
+ Brainwave frequencies and how they influence our thoughts, feelings and actions

Practice 1hr 30min
+ Techniques to calm our brainwaves and prepare the mind for meditation
+ Breathing techniques to improve our mood and energy
+ Meditation

Sunday 22 March 10am-1pm

Theory 30min
+ Obstacles to meditation
+ Befriending the mind

Practice 1hr 45min
+ Breathing techniques for emotional balance
+ Breathing techniques for stress and anxiety
+ Self Inquiry Meditation
+ Meditations to access higher consciousness

“The theory was great, I have been involved in various forms of meditation previously but have never learnt the theory the way that you explained it. I found it extremely helpful and would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who is remotely interested. – Mike”