Early Morning Practice


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216 Richardson St, Middle Park, Vic, 3206, Australia
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Monday, 17 Jun 2013 to Friday, 21 Jun 2013
$14.50 - $18 / class
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0439 358 021


These yoga practices will make a direct link with the morning sun rituals taught by TKV Desikachar.

These classes will give you an opportunity to know your energetic capacity, to feel, experience and understand your energetic nature. Through pranayama practice we can actively restore our energetic vitality.

In these daily classes you will be exploring the function of “Prana” throughout your body, and eventually be able to feel it influencing your mind, calming it and clearing away obstacles that could otherwise lead you astray.

Together we will explore pranayama practices that have the potential to integrate all of the layers of ourselves – of body, heart and mind; so that you are truly at ease, simply to be at one with yourself.

Learn how to use a range of techniques to restore if depleted, or balance out if over stimulated, its about finding the balance.

Included for $14.50 - $18 / class

Casual 1 hour $18

5 card pass: $75

10 card pass: $145