Kylie Beeby

Kylie Beeby

Joined on Mar 1, 2024

Kylie Pilates Mat/Reformer

Kylie is the owner and Principal Pilates instructor at Good Vibes Pilates & Yoga

She has always been a passionate advocate of physical fitness and health and has 20 years experience as a personal trainer and fitness instructor. She has worked globally in New York, Miami and LA and also in Hong Kong and Thailand. This included working within the elite acting society in the US and Australia and being the personal trainer of Princess Ubolratana Rajakanya the first daughter of the King of Thailand.

While in Thailand she was badly injured in a motorcycle accident resulting in a severe low back and nerve injury which left her with left leg paralysis. Her journey back to physical well- being introduced her to the significant benefits of Pilates. As a devotee she embarked on further education to become a qualified Pilates mat and Reformer instructor and worked within a combined Pilates and Physiotherapy practise to further her knowledge in not only providing fitness programmes for the general population but also for those that have experienced an injury.

She is very excited to now open her own studio that can offer both the general population and all those that have experienced an injury a holistic approach to be at their physical best. By having Pilates, Yoga and Physiotherapy onsite she can offer the individual an opportunity to treat their injury, return to well- being and maintain flexibility, strength, fitness ,relaxation and mindfulness in an atmosphere that is fun and supportive.

Kylie is a very dynamic instructor whose positive energy and sense of humour makes you feel better on the outside and also lets you leave with a smile.

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