Debbie Corke

Debbie Corke

Joined on Apr 16, 2024


I'm Debbie, the owner and sole teacher at LaiLin Yoga.

I completed my teacher training in 2010 and started teaching regular classes in the following year. I teach a gentle, meditative style of yoga drawing on many of the disciplines that have influenced me including meditation, tai chi, yoga and Pilates.

I began practising yoga and meditating as a way to ease the stresses of working long hours in a corporate IT environment. The yoga classes I attended were an opportunity to release all the built-up tensions and frustrations that came from a high-pressure environment where I was sitting at a desk all day, working to tight deadlines whilst trying to fit in the chores of daily life.

My last corporate role was as a User Experience Specialist, ensuring that people of all abilities would have a good experience using the websites and applications developed by our clients. I've taken those principles of user experience from online to the yoga mat. My interest lies in making yoga accessible to everyone, no matter their level of fitness or experience with yoga. With my classes, I aim to provide you with a refuge from the stresses of daily life and for you, as a student, to develop an understanding of your body and mind, and learn how to make yoga fit your needs.

Aum shanti! (Peace)

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