Yoga and Grief

My friend Anthony is staying with me with his two young children.  His wife died of brain cancer a week ago. We walked this afternoon to the beach near my house in Byron and discussed his loss and what it means for him and the children.  We both agreed that these events allow us to grow. They make us realise that we are not in control. The way we adapt to the loss and grief of a loved one is the burning of our egos.  The idea that our persona actually exists is set on fire. The intense feelings that arise are the fuel for this process. For the transformation of our concept of self. How we allow ourselves to move on and to process.  How we notice the arising of sensation in the body and the related thoughts. Staying with the arising feelings and disregarding the accompanying thoughts. The healing is on a cellular level..

In these moments, they teachings of yoga are quite useful. The teachings on non-attachment, and the reality that life is full of suffering.  That they path to deep peace is through the experimental realization that our true selves is unaffected by what happens in this life.