Plastic Free Boy

This is PLASTIC FREE BOY and his mum (Karin Ecker), who is helping him get the kids connected on speaking out about protecting their future and keeping the ocean safe from plastic pollution. PLASTIC FREE BOY wants to inspire a global voice of young people to create a better future-environment, by sharing his films to other kids in schools in the Byron Shire, Australia and overseas. This is their mission:

In January this year they started making a film about 3 sea turtles being released into the ocean. Arlian (11 years old) was curious of why they were not in the ocean already. So they decided to tell the story of the Turtles, which became the story of Plastic and what it does to the animals, the ocean and eventually hurt humans. By 2015 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. Arlian was not going to let that happen. More than 5 trillion plastic pieces weighing over 250,000 tons afloat at sea.
Since then his passion snowballed into a movement. He became PLASTIC FREE BOY teaching DIRTGIRL (ABC Kids TV Show) about plastic, which is going to be shown on TV this September. (he was chosen from 800 kids, who sent in a submission) PLASTIC FREE BOY (Arlian) has since been very active, doing beach clean ups, sitting with his friends in front of big store like Woolworth, teaching people about plastic. Long story short, he has become a leader making films about the issues, forever expanding. He has been in the Paper, Radio and TV talking about his mission.

Please support his wish to bring this to as many kids together on this issue. As one of his films is going to be shown in school in the Byron Shire NSW as part of Environment week between 6 - 10th of September, we need still help with funding, support with marketing, social networking and anything that you beautiful people feel to contribute. Maybe get your own children involved. Be in one of PLASTIC FREE BOY'S new film. Get your kids schools involved. Everyone is invited to join and contribute with ideas, promote solutions or just drop in . 'HI 5'.  For example, we got Surf Legend 'Dave Rastovich' on board as a mentor. He is in one of his films. 

It is going to be an epic movement and game changer - BECAUSE WE CARE.

Youth leadership projects, Student learning and telling through Video as evidence. I think your film would be the perfect catalyst for students to look at the issue of plastic waste. Mark Caddey, Senior Project Officer, Sustainable Communities, NSW Office of Environment and Heritage

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