Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training 2016 -  an opportunity for personal transformation.

A warm welcome - Teacher Training Kundalini Yoga Level 1                                                                                                   by Harjinder Kaur (Administrator)

Each year a wonderful inspiring group is coming together to embrace the opportunity for personal transformation, healing, connection and knowledge of the ancient technology of kundalini yoga.
At this stage we have some places available. Our trainings tend to fill up shortly before the start of the training which I feel reflects the step of courage one takes to listen to their heart. 
Our trainings are experiential meaning you embody what you observe and therefore building deep lasting wisdom. The teachings are offered to give you greater guidance in the set up of life, yourself and circumstances. 
You may join for an opportunity to elevate yourself, bring healing to yourself, friends and family, understand life on a deeper level or to become a teacher to further share the teachings to uplift and support others in your community.
This training is much more than addressing posture and working with the physical. It can give you practical tools for any given situation in your life as well as expanding on the history and elements of yoga.
And joining a local and global community of kundalini yoga teachers.
The learning is offered in a warm, caring and supportive environment to allow your true self to be valued and welcomed. I find it is helpful to share that even though we do have teaching practicums, homework and exams that all is put in place to actively guide you through the process.
I am here to assist you if you have any questions at all and we may welcome you at the beautiful retreat in nature very soon.
Blessings and Love, Harjinder