Become empowered to prevent, reverse or improve pelvic floor issues, this workshop is a "must" for women of all ages
Become empowered to prevent, reverse or improve pelvic floor issues, this workshop is a "must" for women of all ages


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Level 1, 17 Bronte Rd , Bondi Junction, NSW, 2022, Australia
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Sunday, 6 Mar 2016 to Sunday, 6 Mar 2016
10.30am - 2.30pm
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Sunday 6 March 2016: 10.30am - 2.30pm

This evidence based short course is facilitated by Kathi Janssens, a highly skilled exercise therapist. The program is designed for you to learn precious skills that are rarely shared with women, yet essential to achieve long-term reliable pelvic floor control and support.

We’ll cover how to:

  • safely, effectively and correctly train your pelvic floor muscles with the Discreetly Fit technique instead of "squeezing at the bus-stop" (aided with real time ultrasound)
  • easily protect your pelvic floor during your ordinary everyday activities
  • ensure that your muscles work well during the day

Learn a highly effective and unique pelvic floor muscle strengthening practice with help from an ultrasound machine (non-invasive). Also become enlightened in knowing how to protect yourself from lifestyle induced pelvic floor stress. As a result, this program can help you to prevent, reverse or improve pelvic floor issues, so you can always enjoy:

  • pelvic floor strength, control, confidence
  • embraced femininity
  • improved yoga practice
  • great bladder control
  • worry free sneezes and laughs
  • protection from prolapse (or management of it)
  • enhanced sensation during intimacy
  • protective pelvic floor habits
  • improved back and pelvic support

If you are pregnant this program assists you to prepare for child birth, teaches you how to strengthen bladder control and gives you the know-how to regain pelvic floor strength after childbirth.

Whether you are without child, presently pregnant, already a mother or menopausal this program can positively influence long term quality of life and self esteem.

During the program a highly skilled exercise therapist ensures that you correctly learn a unique and effective pelvic floor muscle
strengthening technique with the aid of real time ultrasound. In addition learn important, easily practical skills - so you can encourage effective pelvic floor function and protect the area from lifestyle induced stress. Suitable for all age groups and fitness levels.


Sunday 6 March 2016: 10.30am - 2.30pm

Future dates for 2016: Sunday 24 July & Sunday 13 November: 10.30am - 2.30pm



Yoga Synergy:  Level 1, 17-21 Bronte Rd, Bondi Junction.


Cost: $295 includes course Part 1 & 2, Pelvic Floor Resource Booklet, Pelvic Floor Training CD and 2 ultrasound scans (non-invasive).
Early Bird Discount: To receive 20% off your pelvic floor investment, book your pelvic floor short course at least 1 week in advance and pay only: $235!

For more information and bookings contact Kathi on 0406 501 509 or visit Limited places. Don’t miss out!


"Thank you Kathi for a wonderful and relaxing pelvic floor short course. I have been doing my exercises for a week now and I am noticing an improvement. Your wealth of knowledge about  the pelvic floor, fantastic visualisation tactics and your gentle and caring personality helped to make the course so enjoyable and beneficial. I will be highly recommending it to all my friends!"

Included for $295

Course Package includes:
* a resource booklet
* pelvic floor training CD and
* 2 ultrasound scans (1 if you are attending an intensive)

Schedule / Itinerary

Program Agenda

Over two fun sessions learn:

  • The Discreetly Fit Pelvic Floor Muscle Training with real time ultrasound. This practice can not be compared with the traditional contractions you would perform while you are waiting at the traffic light or at the dinner table.
  • How to improve incontinence issues immediately
  • Specific, practical, functional and protective pelvic floor habits
  • How to improve and protect the positioning of your pelvic organs
  • About pelvic floor safe exercise choices
  • To release tension from your pelvic floor muscles
  • About correct breathing and posture to support healthy pelvic floor and core function
  • How to reduce pelvic floor stress and strain
  • To examine your private area to detect problems early
  • To understand the effects of aging, child birth, menstruation, menopause and stress on your pelvic floor, what to do at these times and more