Moustache March


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Level 1, 2 Bungan Street, Mona Vale, NSW, 2103, Australia
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Tuesday, 1 Mar 2016 to Thursday, 31 Mar 2016
All day
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'Moustache March'
A campaign to encourage all our husbands, partners, sons, brothers, uncles and dads to experience the benefits of a regular yoga practice.

Of the millions of practitioner in the US only 17.8% are men and thats a statistic we would like to see change and we think Australian men are up for it. . 

For the month of March we are offering an extra special, extra manly deal to all new students who happen to be men - with or without a moustache.


31 days 

Unlimited Yoga

Passes can be purchased in store or online.

Included for $31.00

31 days of Unlimited yoga

Schedule / Itinerary

Available throughout the entire month. 
Valid from date of purchase.