Modern versus Traditional Yoga - 1 day workshop with Swami J & Mark Breadner


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Saturday, 2 Apr 2011
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The typical public perception of Yoga has shifted significantly in recent years. This workshop addresses the nature of those shifts, comparing the traditional Yoga of the ancient sages to the modern revisions.

Traditional view: To the ancients, Yoga was a complete system of which the postures were a small, though quite useful part. The word “Yoga” referred to the whole, not merely the postures, or Asana. The entire purpose of Yoga is spiritual in nature, according to the ancient sages.

Modern view: In modern times, the relative position of the postures has been elevated to lead people to believe that the word “Yoga” refers to physical postures or Asana, and that the goal of these is physical fitness. The whole and the part have been reversed, terribly misleading and confusing people about the true nature of authentic Yoga.

Over the day we will discuss, practise together and explore this very important topic in ways that are fun, inclusive and eye-opening. Greatly enhance your understanding of Yoga and discover the true power of this ancient system.

This one day event is a lead-in to an amazing six day retreat that explores practically and theoretically how to train each of the aspects of Yoga and how they work together as a system.

When: Saturday April 30 2011, 10am- 5pm
Sydney, venue to be confirmed
$175, payment & registration details available at, or email

Included for $175

One day workshop - payment required on registration.