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Yogabowl. Upstairs in Lane Cove Tennis Club. , Kenneth Street, Longueville, New South Wales, 2066, Australia
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Sunday, 13 Nov 2016
9am - 11am
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If the definition of insanity is “Doing the same thing, expecting a different result …” are you starting to wonder if you’ve LOST IT? 

Life in Sydney can be crazy. 
It’s become our norm. 
* Racing from A to B to C; 
* Answering, “Sooo busy” whenever anyone asks, “How are you?”
* Wasting precious down-time on technology & devices. 
* Constantly pushing the envelope & too exhausted to do anything about it. 

So many of us are time poor, and stretched in way too many directions. 

Exhaustion isn’t normal, you know. 
It doesn’t have to be this way. 

Let’s carve you out a new way of being, which offers: 
more space | more time | more calm | more you … in your daily routine.  

This workshop will steer you away from habitual GO-GO-GO, towards a realistic program of weaving Yoga (and the Yoga mind-set) into your daily routine. 

* You’ll take home tools helpful in navigating a way of being that is no longer at the mercy of the world. 
* You’ll be reminded that our CHOICES determine how we feel, and the way we structure and handle our day. Each moment offers us permission. 

This could be radically empowering! 

Participants will receive 

~ A simple Yoga home-practice and plan, which will help you create space and to reconnect to what''s really important. 

~ Simple instructions for bringing 10 minutes of meditation into your life as a daily ritual

~ Suggestions for a healthy daily routine (which includes some exercise, some time in nature and some unplugged moments)

~ The latest science on how our mood and brain is affected by too much screen/device time.
~ Take home strategies to free yourself from technology so we don''t rely on it and are not addicted to it. 

~ Relaxation and breath techniques to support a calm & healthy mental / emotional state 

This is ideal if you’re:

* Feeling stuck in survival mode, and are ready to get off the “treadmill”.
* If you need help with a plan to get more out of your days, and your life.
* When you know there must be more to life, and you’re ready to explore a more satisfying way of doing “life”. 

Led by Kirralee Dillon. 
Min: 8, Max: 20 students.

Included for $65.00

A take home Yoga practice, 10 min meditation & a strategic plan forward to minimise stress and reclaim your life back again.

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Workshop will be 9am - 11am.