4 Week Chakra Meditation Course


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Saturday, 20 Jul 2013
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Chakra Meditation 4-Week Program

On a physical level the digestive system is responsible for the break down and absorbing of nutrients into the blood stream. 

On a spiritual level the chakra system is responsible for how we digest, process and assimilate our experiences and grow into the different parts of SELF. 

When any one of the main seven chakras is blocked or needs to be cleansed, balanced or healed that area of our lives and physical health can often be affected.

Come along to Chakra Meditation @ Yoga Plus and learn how to restore each chakra so that its optimum performance brings life improvement, life enhancement and happiness to every part of your life.

• Relaxation Exercises to balance the chakras…

• Mindful Meditations to heal, restore and energise the chakras…

• ChakraCises to develop specific areas for life improvement…

Starts Saturday 20/07/13, 4-Week Program, 11.30-1.00pm, $110.

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Included for $115