A Weekend of Ayurveda and Cooking with Tim Mitchell


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Friday, 2 Aug 2013 to Saturday, 3 Aug 2013
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Friday evening 2 August 2013. 6 - 9 pm

Introduction to Ayurveda. What our Grandmothers told us and why it is still true. And the secret to perfect soup (and all meals) - the six nourishments and four textures. And yes, a bowl of perfect pumpkin soup and the recipe.

Saturday  3 August 2013. 11 - 5 pm

Agni. Our fire within (digestion) and the fire in the kitchen - how to stoke and maintain both. We will make ghee (the perfect food) and learn Tim's 'One and Only Dish' - his secret to endless variety in the kitchen, and to true nourishment of the body.

Celebrating our individuality, 'The Dance of the Dosha's', and keeping in step, and off the toes, of Mother Nature - Rhythms, cycles and seasons. We will learn some home remedies, make some fresh cheese and a special rasayana (a rejuvenative tonic) passed down to him from his teacher. More tastings and recipes for home.

About Tim.

Tim Mitchell is originally from Australia but now based in Prague. He teaches Vedic Meditation, Ayurveda and Yoga around the world. His love for food and joy of cooking is contagious. In his seminars and individual consultations, he teaches his students how to cook easily, colourfully and quickly. No long hours spent at the stove, but a healthy nourishing delightful dinner in 20 minutes. Tim imparts to his students that Ayurveda is not a foreign inaccessible science but actually the common sense of all grandmothers. A time honoured system in India and now easily applied in our modern rushed era. It enables us to find an order in what we might perceive as a chaotic world around us...




Included for $180

Workshop fee includes all three sessions, a comprehensive handout including all recipes and more. And tastings of all dishes prepared.

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