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Saturday, 15 Feb 2014 to Saturday, 19 Apr 2014

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Learn Sanskrit 10 week course with tracey Doublet

SatDate: 15/02/2014 - 19/04/2014 From: 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm


Course content Introduction to Sanskrit –

Part 1Pre-requisites: None

Course Book required: None.

All materials supplied.

Duration: 10 Weeks of 1.25hr classes

Fee: $200

Course Outcomes:

?Learn the history of the beginnings of the creation; Om; language & speech; and Sanskrit

?Able to read, write and sound the Sanksrit alphabet (vowels, consonants and special sounds) and read basic Sanskrit words

?Able to recognise some special conjoined consonants and special characters?Able to read and chant sacred prayers (Perfect Prayer, Gayatri Mantra and Swasti Mantra)?Able to read and proficiently sound transliteration of Sanskrit in English (and therefore use this knowledge to pronounce verses, terms or chants in Sanskrit you may wish to learn).

?Develop a deeper understanding of the philosophy of the Vedas

?Have confidence to continue self-study with appropriate resources

?Have sufficient knowledge to continue with Part 2 of this courseDuring these first 10 weeks the focus will be on learning and understanding the many facets of the Sanskrit Alphabet. Each week will include sounding, writing, and the learning and practice of sacred prayers.

Homework is given, along with study pages and aids.

A simple test will be given in Week 10.

1.Beginnings of Sanskrit and Creation (Om)/Vowels/Perfect Prayer

A.A look at the beginnings of Creation and the Sanskrit Alphabet

B.The first 5 vowels: mouth positions, writing, sounding, naming C.The Perfect Prayer


A.The 4 semi-vowels and how they arise: writing, sounding,

.Short and Long vowels

B.The Perfect Prayer (rev)

3.Consonants/Perfect Prayer

A.Consonant group 1

B.Write short letter groups

C.Study the words in the Perfect Prayer

D.The Perfect Prayer (rev)

4.Consonants/Simple Letter Combinations

A.How sound and speech arise

B.Consonant group

2 C.Writing more letter groups/words D.The Perfect Prayer 5.Consonants/Transliteration/Gayatri Mantra A.Further sound and speech development

B.Consonant group 3

C.Writing more letter groups/words

D.Transliteration to English

E.The Gayatri Mantra


A.Consonant group 4

B.Further writing and sounding of letter combinations C.Halanta letters

D.A look at the Vedantic Philosophy

E.The Gayatri Mantra (rev)

7.Consonants/Consonant & Vowel Combinations/New Letter Forms

A.Consonant group 5

B.Look at joining consonants with all vowels C.Transliteration (rev)

D.The Gayantri Mantra (rev)

8.Overview of Alphabet: Patterns, Groups/Anusvara & Visarga A.Overview of entire Alphabet: Groups (rows and columns), Families

B.Visarga and Anusvara

C.Consonants joined together to form new letters

D.The Gayantri Mantra (rev)

9.Alternate Letter Forms/Numbers/Philosophy

A.Alternative letter forms for some letters

B.Consonants joined together to form new letters

C.More Vedic Philosophy

D.Transliteration (rev)

E.Swasti Mantra 10. Test/Dictionary Study A.Written test to cover all