Map of Glen Waverley, VIC
Glendale Street, Glen Waverley, VIC, 3150, Australia
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Sunday, 7 Aug 2016 to Sunday, 7 Aug 2016
12pm - 2:30pm
$44 non-members, $32 members

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Lift your chest, open your heart and let the prana, life force and light shine in.

Back bends encourage a deep opening in our hearts and the associated subtle energy or chakra center, called “Anahata Chakra”.

Anahata Chakra– which is a vortex of subtle energy channels – is connected with the thoughts and emotions of love, hate, jealousy, devotion, intimate relationships, the ability to love, forgive, respect each other, and ultimately, the degree to which we love and accept ourselves.

When we try to protect ourselves and hide our emotions, we often hunch our shoulders forward, con caving our backs inward in a symbolic gesture of closing off or keeping hidden how we feel and what we think. This curving of the back and hunching of the shoulders not only produce stress and tension in the body physically, but compromises our breathing, and subsequently our nervous and digestive systems.

During this workshop we will work through active and more passive backbends to release tension and bring about a new sense of awareness and connection our hearts. This leads to more intimate relationships with our self and others.