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suite 2, 61 Koornang rd, Koornang rd {entry rosstown rd}, Carnegie, vic, 3163, Australia
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Sunday, 13 Nov 2016 to Sunday, 18 Dec 2016
Sunday 10am to 5pm

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Gain a career as a breath-worker.

Rebirthing-Breathwork, aka Intuitive Energy Breathing or Conscious Energy Breathing, is the ability to breathe Energy as well as air. It is the art of learning to breathe from the Breath Itself. Rebirthing is perhaps the most valuable self-healing ability that humans can learn. We can not have disease and relaxation in the same space at the same time.

Relaxation is the ultimate healer. Every breath induces relaxation. Therefore, breathing is the basic healer. Conscious Energy Breathing is the most natural healing ability of all. This ability involves merging the inhale with the exhale in a gentle relaxed rhythm in an intuitive way that floods the body with Divine Energy.

Rebirthing also means to unravel the birth-death cycle and to incorporate the body and mind into the conscious Life of the Eternal Spirit – to become a conscious expression of the Eternal Spirit. This involves healing the eight biggies of human trauma, which are the birth trauma, the parental disapproval syndrome, specific negatives, the unconscious death urge, karma from past lives, the religion trauma, the school trauma, and senility, etc.

Schedule / Itinerary

Every Sunday for 6 weeks at Carnegie, 10-5pm

From Nov 13th to Dec 18th


No previous experience required