Spring Seasonal Day Retreat


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Level 1 (above Country Road), 742 Military Road, Mosman, NSW, 2088, Australia
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Sunday, 27 Oct 2013

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This workshop is in a series of 5, all of which follow the same format and build a full picture of the Five Element theory.  There is no need to have attended the first workshop to attend this one.  Plenty of take home notes to keep you going.


10-12pm - Yoga for the Wood element: Cate will lead a Spring yoga session focusing on assisting the body to fully cleanse and experience regrowth and regeneration by working strongly with the gall bladder and liver function.  Feel the upward spiral of this wood energy spread like tendrils through your body.


12- 2pm - Food for Spring: A delicious exploration of how to use food as medicine.  This is a chance to work with recipes that use fresh spring produce.  Cooking techniques to maximise the health giving properties inherent in the ingredients.  YUM!  and then we eat.  Lars will explain the principles that guide food preparation in this season.


2-4pm:  Digestive Afternoon:  in this session we will trace the Gall Bladder and Liver meridians in the body using pressure point shiatsu to locate really useful points for self diagnosis and treatment.  The way we breathe can have a huge impact on our health and we will expand on Pranayam technique for spring here. Our exploration of Wood Element will move all obstacles and allow the energy of spring to inspire change and growth in our body, minds and sprits.  A fresh approach.


Registrations and enquiries:  stretch@mosmanvillageyoga.com.au / Anne 0417 065 186