Asana Origins Fancy Dress Yoga


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250 George St, near St Marks Church, Fitzroy, Vic, 3065
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Sunday, 7 Apr 2013
$25 concession $30 Full

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This workshop comes from a curiosity and respect for the history of each asana, but also my deep love of fancy dress!

Yoga is all about learning about ourselves by observing the world. Often in class this takes a subtle form- maybe tuning into your inner warrior spirit and standing a little stronger in Virabidrasana. Hopefully as well, this new awareness of our own inner power, flows off our mats and into our lives, encouraging us to take mindful action, where we may have been too timid to in the past.

The origins and spirit of each asana is also something we can play with in class, maybe giving the tail a little wag in ardha mukha svanasana (downfaced dog pose). Or revelling in the fluidity of a cat-like spine in Majariasana. The identity of each asana is often a metaphor for our experience of each posture and a way of elevating it. Visualizing a firmly rooted tree, staying grounded while gracefully swaying in the breeze, steadies us mentally when our Vrksasana (tree pose) gets a little shaky.  

In this workshop we’ll take things a little further- we’ll explore the mythical origins of asana and play with the energy of each posture, through visualisation and flowing dynamic vinyasas (sequences of postures) with funky beats and outrageous fancy dress!

 I’m going to bring my (substantial) dress up box, but I’d love to see your own take on an asana brought to life- it can be as simple as whiskers or a furry tail! I loved envisioning Hanumasana above  and I’ll be posting lots more costume ideas, as the workshop gets closer!    

I’ve also written a longer article on Asana Origins, which you can here.

Please email to let me know if you can come along and if you have any extra costumes to share.

$25 concession, $30 full

At Dance of Life Centre of Yoga and Healing, 250 George St Fitzroy.

Email me at to secure a space.