Advancing Yoga - developmental series for experienced students and teachers


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73 Grattan Street, Carlton, Victoria, 3053, Australia
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Friday, 19 Feb 2016 to Friday, 17 Jun 2016
Cost: $350/330
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Mangala is offering a related series of workshops dedicated to deepening the asana/vinyasa, pranayama and chanting experience of students who wish to learn and extend their yoga expereince. At the heart of this enquiry will be the way in which the breath (through pranayama practice),the vedic chanting ( which contains the living essence of yoga philosophy) and asana practice( which is totally transformed if elements of the preceding two are incorporated.) are all interlinked and provide a great diversity of possibilities of persoanl practice, beyond the restrictions of "styles" of yoga.

It is intended that students will learn and undertake a practice which they will be able to implement for a month and then have it reinforced/extended in the following session- particularly useful in the pranayama, chanting section ogf the course.

Presented by Peter Hockey. A senior teacher with Yoga Australia and IYTA. Principal of mangala Studios and Mangala Yoga teacher Training.

Included for Cost: $350/330

5 sessions with one individual tuition session.

Schedule / Itinerary

Saturdays 2-4.15pm

Dates: Feb 20, March 19, April 30,May21, June 18

2-2.45 Developingasana/vinyasa

2.45-3.15 Ongoing pranayama practice. Individual home practice included.

3.30-4.15 Vedic chanting. Incorporating several vedic chants significant tothe yoga expereince and philosophy . Learnt and practised over a 5 month period.