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Friday, 15 Nov 2013


Thai Yoga Massage - Foundational Training

For further information contact YOGASPACE 6161 7962

Course Description

Thai Yoga Massage is more than just bodywork. As taught by Thai

masters, Thai Yoga Massage (TYM) is a deeply spiritual practice inspired

by the teachings of the Buddha. First and foremost Thai Yoga Massage

was taught and offered in Thai Buddhist temples. While the teachings of

Thai Yoga Massage have now spread beyond the walls of the temple, the

centrality of the practice of metta - loving kindness remains central to

this spiritual art. Practiced with loving kindness and mindful

attention, the offering of Thai Yoga Massage to another becomes a moving

meditation for the both the practitioner and the recipient.

This course in Thai Yoga Massage, will introduce you to the philosophy

and practice of Thai Yoga Massage. It will enable students to provide

TYM to generally healthy, uninjured recipients with basic knowledge of

massage contraindications as lay practitioners. Upon completion you

will be able deliver a full sequence of postures and techniques

consistent with Traditional Thai Massage.

Participants will

receive a solid foundational awareness of posture, biomechanics,

application of pressure, mobilisation and stretching which serves as the

basis for offering a simple sequence to friends and family, or further

enhancing a current bodywork methodology. This course is for the general

public, yoga teachers and yoga teacher trainees. The methods and theory

taught will enhance your adjusting skills in a yoga teaching context.

Professional Development Points apply to Yoga Teachers registered with

Yoga Australia.

The course is co ordinated by Tod Smith and Dr Jean Byrne. Content is presented by Tod.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion course participants will be able to;

• Perform a two hour traditional TYM sequence in supine, prone, side position and seated

• Interpret basic theory of Sen Sib or Thai meridians as they relate to the energy body

• Apply yoga related biomechanics to their own posture and movement as practitioners

• Use principles of long leverage, harmonic technique and reciprocal tension

• Determine recipients homeostasis and parasympathetic state

• Explain the benefits of TYM, its suitability and contraindications

• Outline the history, Ayurvedic origin and Buddhist principles associated with TYM

• Apply TYM principles of touch communication and application of pressure

• Perform chanting, meditative prayer (Puja) and mindfulness in practice

Advanced Teacher Training & Professional Development

This course will provide 60 hours of contact work and 40 hours of non

contact work. Each contact hour is equivalent to 1 CPD point. For non

contact every 4 hours = 1CPD point. The course therefore offers 70 hours

of CPD for yoga teachers. This course can also be undertaken to assist

in your upgrading of membership level with Yoga Australia. Successful

completion will result in the issuing of a certificate detailing contact

and non contact hours and basic content.


This is a competency-based course. Students will be observed during

workshops and have time to receive feedback from Tod. At home work

includes readings, short essay and short answer questions.

Course Delivery

The foundational training is 60 hours and delivered over 4 weekends

Fridays 7-10pm

Saturdays 3-9pm

Sundays 10:30-4:30pm

Nov 15, 16, 17

Nov 22, 23, 24

Nov 29, 30, Dec 1

Dec 6, 7, 8