Pre & Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training - Module 2


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Friday, 8 May 2015 to Sunday, 10 May 2015
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Post-Natal Yoga Teacher Training (Module 2)

Yoga Alliance & Yoga Australia Registered

The post-natal period in a woman's life is a time in which she needs to focus on her physical, spiritual and emotional well-being, as it is central to her newborn baby's well-being. Post-natal yoga classes honour the experiences of mothers in this time of transition and learning as well as empower women to connect with their own beliefs and values regarding mothering. Post-natal yoga also offers a holistic form of exercise for women specifically focused on the needs of the post-natal woman, including pelvic & abdominal reconditioning and back & neck problems arising from pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Course Objectives

• To understand the specific physical and emotional changes for women in the post-natal period.

• To understand how different birth experiences will impact the post-natal yoga practice of individual women.

• To understand baby development in the early post-natal period.

• To learn specific asanas and exercises for reconditioning the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles.

• To understand the social context of mothering.

• To learn about Mothering with Mindfulness and how you can integrate mindfulness techniques into your post-natal classes.

• To enable teachers to teach women how to involve their babies in their yoga practice.

• To learn how to accommodate women with young children who are also pregnant in post-natal classes.

• To enable yoga teachers to deliver dynamic and fun post-natal classes for women and their babies.

Included for $440.00

Module 1 - $450

Module 2 - $440