Pre & Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training - Module 1


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Friday, 6 Feb 2015 to Sunday, 8 Feb 2015
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Pre-Natal Yoga Teacher Training (Module 1)

Yoga Alliance & Yoga Australia Registered

Pregnancy. It's a miraculous process of self-discovery and learning. It's a time of physical, emotional and spiritual transformation. And it's a time when the practice of yoga matters deeply as it affects the life of the pregnant woman and her unborn child. This 25-hour course provides an overview of yoga and meditation practice throughout the pregnancy, birth and post-natal stages.

Course Objectives

• To learn the relationship between the practice of yoga and a woman's life cycle.

• To understand the medical and cultural context, both past and present, of pregnancy and childbirth.

• To understand the physical and emotional changes of mother and baby during pre- and post-natal stages.

• To learn how to teach healthy pregnant women yoga practices appropriate to their stage of pregnancy.

• To understand the common complaints, contraindications and conditions during pregnancy, and how to adapt your teaching safely.

• To understand how the teaching of yoga can help women to have a conscious, active and better birthing experience, so you can empower your students to birth consciously.

• To learn and implement Optimal Foetal Positioning as it applies to yoga asana in your yoga classes.

• To deliver interesting, informative and fun pregnancy and post-natal yoga classes.


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Module 1 - $450

Module 2 - $440