Intro to Thai Yoga Massage


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Saturday, 12 Oct 2013


Experience a basic introduction to Thai Yoga Massage and learn a simple routine for family

and friends. Explore some inspirations for partner yoga, the relevance of touch in adjustments, and open the door between active and passively assisted yoga. In Thailand, TYM is traditional indigenous bodywork with ancient Ayurvedic origins, and uses acupressure, meridian lines and principles of long leverage and bodyweight to stretch, mobilise, and energetically balance the body of both giver and receiver.

Come and enjoy a spiritual practice and a ‘sacred dance’, the chance to discover the possibility of applying yoga practice to another with patience, sensitivity and principles of touch communication.


About Tod

Tod qualified thirteen years ago as Remedial Massage Therapist and worked initially with athletes, dancers and martial artists. He specialised for ten years in the functional rehabilitation of orthopaedic patients in a multi- disciplinary environment, working with physios and exercise physiologists. A growing unease with western methods led to the study of holistic eastern modalities, culminating in a deep passion for northern style traditional Thai Massage and its modern inclusion into Remedial Massage, Osteopathy and Physiotherapy. Tod is now co- presenting courses in Thailand and Bali.