Happy Hips & Hip Flexors Workshop


6/79 Colin Street, WEST PERTH, WA, 6005
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Saturday, 18 Oct 2014
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With Jean & Stephen Byrne

As our first Happy Hips workshop booked out so quickly, we are offering another Happy Hips workshop. However this time we will be exploring both the practical & theoretical aspects of Hip Opening and instead of working with leg behind the head hip openers we will focus on lotus preparations and opening and the hip flexors & Psoas to assist in standing postures & lengthening through the front body in back bending. Jean will teach the asana portion of the class, and Stephen will be providing the theoretical breakdown of what is going on anatomically in the postures to assist you in a deeper understanding of the body’s processes.

This workshop will give you take home ideas to work towards lotus and also suggestions on how to work through the front of the body to find some freedom in your backbending. Jean & Stephen will be able to give you individual advice on particular hip opening / hip flexor stretches to do at home to enhance your asana practice. The class is a mix of restorative, yin and passive, supported postures. Those who did Happy Hips I are welcome to join this class, while the lotus prep postures will be the same we didn’t cover the hip flexors or anatomy in the first workshop.

Saturday October 18th


$40 public

$30 Yogaspace trainees / grads (bookable online)

Included for $40.00

$40 public $30 Yogaspace trainees / grads (bookable online)