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8 St Peters Ln, Darlinghurst, NSW, 2010, Australia
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Friday, 24 Mar 2017 to Wednesday, 21 Feb 2018
0414 919 725


Zen Ki Yoga® is the most powerful, healing yoga you will find!!


It is based on the 12 major meridians, the principles of TCM, yin & yang, the seasons, macrobiotics and zen shiatsu.

Every season, the yoga changes to focus on the meridians that are mostly  to bring your body into balance with the changes of the season to keep you in optimum health.  Zen Ki Yoga® also addresses specific health issues utilising it's ability to heal with yoga poses and diet specific to organs and meridians creating the initial imbalance which causes the disease.
Our teacher training is very extensive and thorough to ensure you become the best yoga teacher you can be.  We do not cut corners with short courses (we are not a diploma factory). We are interested in teaching serious, committed yoga teachers.  We have teacher training in the city, the western suburbs AND via distant education!!!  All courses are registered with Yoga Australia.


Distant Education...​


This course still involves some face-to-face tuition.  There are 2 visits to Sydney and our yoga retreat (Nowra).

 over 100 hours of face-to-face tuition

• over 100 hours of detailed online tutorials

• over 150 hours of correspondence self study


The first face-to-face meeting is in Sydney from 25-27 March and the second face-to-face is the retreat in Nowra and Sydney studio time in September 2017.


Attendance is required to complete the course.


Please try some Zen Ki Yoga classes before considering training with us. Membership online is $33 for one month. Cheaper options are available for longer memberships.

Schedule / Itinerary

Email us for complete course prospectus   janie@thecentreofyoga.com

Teacher Trainers living less than 50 kms away.

Under special circumstances, some students may be admitted into the course that live less than 50 kms away.  These students will be required to at least 1-2 classes/week (depending on proximity to our Sydney studios) at The Centre of Yoga in Darlinghurst or Penrith as well as completing the rest of their classes online to make up the necessary hours of classes per week.

When it is time to teach supervised classes, these students will be required to teach at the studio.  This is the best way to learn teaching techniques.  Only students who live too far away will be recording and sending classes taught for feedback etc.