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Sunday, 23 Sep 2012
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Yin and Yang Yoga Workshop with Sarah Owen

Sunday 23rd September 2012
10am - 1pm
cost $45

A holistic yoga practice includes a skilful balance of yoga techniques that develop strength and determination (‘yang’ qualities that are developed through practices such as dynamic asana), as well as those practices that encourage contentment and acceptance (‘yin’ qualities that are developed through passive practices). This three-hour workshop will cover a full-rounded yoga practice, including both yin and yang (passive and active) elements of yoga practice.

Our yoga practice is really a reflection on how we live our lives - we can benefit from knowing when to be motivated to ‘take action’ or ‘make change’ in our lives, as well as knowing when to release control, to ‘go with the flow’, and see what ‘unfolds naturally’.

Yin Yoga is a restorative style of yoga that uses long-held, passive poses to nourish the connective tissues in the body, promoting greater physical flexibility, organ health and peace of mind.

Yang Yoga is a dynamic, flowing style of yoga that links the postures to the breath. With regular practice, the body becomes stronger and leaner, and the mind more focused.

Sarah Owen is an experienced yoga teacher who specializes in teaching vinyasa, yin yoga and meditation. Sarah is undertaking advanced yoga and meditation training with the Insight Yoga Institute (USA), and she travels regularly for study and retreat with her teachers.  She is mentored by Sarah Powers, founder and author of Insight Yoga and highly-acclaimed vinyasa, yin yoga and meditation teacher. Sarah leads yin yoga teacher trainings in Australia, including teaching the yin yoga module on the highly-acclaimed Samadhi Yoga Teacher Training program for many years (now offered through Sukha Mukha Yoga). Sarah is also the Yoga in Action Coordinator for Off the Mat, Into the World (Aus/NZ), whose mission is to harness the power of yoga to inspire conscious, sustainable, activism and to ignite grass-roots social change.

This workshop will be held at Sukha Mukha Yoga
38 Macpherson st. Bronte

For bookings and inquiries contact idit@sukhamukhayoga.com

Included for $45