Weaving aboriginal sounds & stories with heartdance yoga and sound healing


Map of Bronte, NSW
38c Macpherson St, Bronte, NSW, 2024, Australia
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Thursday, 3 Mar 2016 to Thursday, 3 Mar 2016
6:30 - 8:30
0415 769 348


Event Description

Sacred aboriginal songs and stories will be united with the movements of yoga and kalari to take you on a transformative and powerful journey. Binowee, a proud aboriginal musician and storyteller will lead the workshop with her powerful song and strong spirit.  This is a sacred practice to align with your spirit, to unite with your body and breath, and to send a prayer to mother earth.

Now is the time to unite and collectively strengthen and share our connection to the earth and to pay our respects to the aboriginal elders past and present who are the traditional custodians of this sacred land. 

The healing power of sound and vibration transcends cultures and time. We will explore sacred aboriginal songs, north and south american indigenous music and use tibetan and crystal bowls to awaken ancient memories and expand awareness.

Musician and storyteller: Binowee, proud aboriginal woman whose culture and tradition originates from aboriginal ancestors in North Queensland. 

Sound Healer: Meera Allen, a singer, dancer, songwriter, yogini and artist. Over the last decade Meera created her business Manifesting Destiny and has travelled extensively deepened her connection to the physical body and the power of music and dance. 

Yoga teacher: Sandra Morales, founder of Heartdancers Charity, a yogini and dancer who has devoted her life to bring the healing power of ancestral music, dance and yoga to vulnerable communities. 

Live art installation artist: Carlos Agamez, a visual artist using recycled materials whose artworks express the concept of identity and home, Carlos is committed to bringing awareness to aboriginal and refugee issues. 

Heartdancers is a charity that provides music, dance and yoga classes to disadvantaged communities. The $30 fee we receive from this workshop is used to help fund our programs with vulnerable communities and to support our refugee and aboriginal musicians, please visit www.heartdancers.org.au to know more about our programs.

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