Unlocking the shoulders, neck and upper back with Beth Borowsky


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38c Macpherson St, Bronte, NSW, 2024, Australia
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Friday, 12 Feb 2016
10am - 12:30pm
$55 Early Bird / $65 on the day
0415 769 348


Do you walk around with habitual tightness and tension in your shoulders, neck and upper back? If you do, this workshop is for you! We will explore how to create freedom and strength in your shoulders, neck and upper back. By using a focused breath and specific Forrest Yoga poses, you will safely learn to unlock these habitual tension spots by strengthening and lengthening the muscles around these joints to create space and ease of movement. Bringing intelligence to these areas will help you to walk through your life with grace, freedom and a greater sense of spaciousness.
A must for desk jockeys, athletes and anyone who walks through life with habitual tension in their neck, shoulders and upper back i.e: EVERYONE!
About Beth: Beth is one of Sydney’s most inspiring yoga teachers. She is the owner of JustBreatheYoga, and offers individual and small group tuition in people’s homes or offices as well as small group classes. She is a senior teacher at BodyMindLife, as well as teaching at MyAsana and Egg of the Universe. Her classes are designed to inspire students to experience moving meditation – where their yoga practice flows effortlessly and creates a balance between strength and inner calm. She is also known and loved for her Goddess Retreats that she holds each year in Australia and overseas. Beth is a registered member of Yoga Alliance, with which she holds her 500 hour teacher training certification, and a Level 2 teacher with Yoga Australia.