Mindfulness Yoga & Meditation workshop with Anna Phillips


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Sunday, 4 Nov 2012
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Mindfulness Yoga & Meditation workshop With Anna Phillips Sunday November 4th10am-1pm$45

“Mindfulness can be called a universal quality. It helps in all circumstances: with meditation, tennis, music, science, lovemaking, in every human endeavour Mindful attention is the ground out of which wisdom and love can grow” Jack Kornfield


Mindfullness Yoga provides a profound path that can transform our moment to moment experience on and off the mat.

Meditation is an integral part of our yoga practice. Often there is the expectation that the  body will relax, the mind quieten and the heart open; Our actual experience of sitting however can be one of a scattered and fractured mind, a painful, restless body and a fragile heart. If we can learn to notice and accept whatever is arising during our yoga, independent of whether it is pleasant or unpleasant, we can also learn to be present to the often messy, humorous and heartbreaking aspects of ordinary life. We will look into the first two foundations of mindfulness exploring movement/asana, breath work and periods of stillness. Through this embodied practice we will experience a greater sense of contentment, ease, peace and connection.

Anna attended her first Iyengar yoga class over twenty years ago in New Zealand. She re-located with her family to Australia in 2001 after having graduated with a visual arts degree. In Sydney, Anna completed an Advanced Diploma in Health yoga. She has also recently undertaken an 18-month Mindfullness, Yoga and Meditation training based in the U.S.  Her commitment to her own practice and teaching will continue next year as she pursues a nine-month Graduate Certificate in Yoga Therapy.

Her classes weave together breath work, asana, meditation and Mindfullness, with a view to cultivate emotional and physical balance and to integrate yogic and Buddhist teachings.

Jack Kornfield is without a doubt one of the leading figures in Mindfulness awareness and it is a privilege to learn from someone who have studied under him. Do not miss this privilege to be inspired in your practice and in your life

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Included for $45

 a 3 hours workshop, $45