Meridian Yoga Workshop with Magdi Potipa


Map of Bronte, NSW
38C Macpherson St, Bronte, NSW, 2024, Australia
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Friday, 8 Jul 2016
$80 early bird / $95 after June 25th
0415 769 348


In traditional Chinese medicine the channels where Qi or Prana, (vital energy/ life force) flows through the body are called meridians. If the network is interrupted or blocked, the body does not work in an optimal way and pain or disease can arise. Each meridian has a correlation to an organ that gives us information about ourselves and how we feel or function on all levels. These channels or energy lines form a network in the body. When the flow of Qi isn’t moving as it should, organs can´t perform in an optimal way and an imbalance occurs. This can manifest on a physical, emotional, mental or functional level in terms of body stiffness, physical pain, eczema, allergies, chronic lung problems, mood swings, frustration, depression, recurring headaches, fatigue, stomach pain, constipation, menstrual cramps, etc. You may have experienced feelings such as joy, sadness, anger or relief during or after a yoga class. This happens when tension or blockages have been released in one or several meridians. In this workshop we will cover the 12 main meridians and the relating organs, emotions, seasons, eating habits and personality traits. You will learn how imbalances can manifest themselves and affect your daily life. You will also learn a 3-minute program that you can do every morning to kick-start the day and the flow in all meridians. This routine will awaken your body in an easy and simple way preparing for yoga, or the workday ahead.