Letting go into peace of mind - Yin Yoga Workshop


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38c Macpherson Street, Bronte, NSW, Australia
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Friday, 11 Apr 2014
$30 early enrollment // $35 on the day
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Yin Yoga Workshop with Sara Smith

Autumn is a time where quiet preparations are made for the less vital time of winter, The energy of this season, more than any other, supports our letting go of the waste, the old and stale in our lives, leaving us receptive to the pure and new. As Nature moves into a period of rest, we too must be cautious not to overexert. Now is the time to contain ourselves, connect with our yin nature and take an introspective approach.

This is the time we seek peace of mind, yet it eludes us unless we are willing to nurture its growth.

Please join Sara for a Yin Yoga workshop to explore and nourish the organs of elimination and assimilation; our lungs and Large intestine, ending with a calming meditation.


Included for $30 early enrollment // $35 on the day

$30 for early enrollment // $35 on the day