Introduction to Traditional Tantra Yoga


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Friday, 30 Sep 2016 to Friday, 30 Sep 2016
Early Bird: $80 (Until Sept. 19th) / Full Price: $90
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Introduction to Traditional Tantra Yoga

When: Saturday October 1st
Time: 2:30-6:30
Cost: Early Bird: $80 (Until Sept. 19th) / Full Price: $90


Tantra, the essence of Yoga, is the science of turning inward. It is a holistic spiritual science that manifests an inner transformation. It works from the inside out, from the subtle to the gross, transforming everything in-between. Ultimately, Tantra Yoga is the science of personal freedom. It is a process that enables us to transcend our limiting beliefs about our environment and ourselves, and so realise our own true (Divine) nature.

Traditional Tantra Yoga is therefore a spiritual science that provides a pathway to inner transformation. This happens through a process, the foundation of which is Tantra Yogāsana, designed to enable you to realise the truth of the inherent Divine nature in each of us.

This introductory level workshop will provide you with a basic understanding of Tantric philosophy and you will practice Tantra Yoga asana.

– The meaning of Tantra and the non-dual perspective as it relates to both yogic philosophy and the practice of yoga asana.

– The puruṣārthas: dharma (righteousness, moral values), artha (prosperity, economic values), kāma (bliss, pleasure, love, psychological values) and mokṣa (liberation, spiritual values)

– Ajapa-japa: the breath of Śiva.

– Tridoṣa balancing yoga asana series.

About Yolanda: 

Yolanda has spent most of her adult life chasing the tail of Consciousness and trying to understand the deeper questions of life. This quest for the true nature of consciousness and the reality of existence has taken her from the banks of the Ganges with 60 million of our fellow Human Beings, to the depths of the Amazon Jungle with Indigenous Indians who have lived on the land since time immemorial (and many places in between).

After over twenty years of practicing Yoga, Yolanda decided that she wanted to share her love of Yoga with others. Having tried many different types of āsana practice, it wasn’t until she encountered the holistic perspective offered by Tantra that life really opened up to her. It was the study of Tantra that finally offered up an experience of being lived by life itself (as opposed to trying to figure out how to live life the right way).

Since discovering Tantra Yolanda, has chosen to walk the path of sharing this knowledge, the wisdom, the pathway, the āsana practice, the holistic spiritual science, with others who feel called by it.