Flying Dragon – A Yin and Yang Workshop with Jeff Mille


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Thursday, 10 Nov 2016 to Thursday, 10 Nov 2016
$45 / $50
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Flying Dragon – A Yin and Yang Workshop with Jeff Mille

Date: Friday November 11th

Time: 6:30-9:00pm


Early Bird $45 (until November 5th)

$50 afterwards

For hundreds of years, dragons have captured the imagination of people, young and old. They are potent metaphors for strength, power, determination, abundance & good fortune. Representing transformation, they can evoke fear through their ferocious imagery.

Exploring this imagery allows us to harness our own inner wisdom and power. Repeated numerous times, the Flying Dragon sequence stokes the inner fire, stimulating the heart & lung meridians. After this dynamic sequence, we retreat into the dragon’s lair, through a series of yin postures. Through meditative stillness, the more malevolent aspects of the Dragon (those parts of our personality that we tend to keep hidden in the darkness) are explored.

By bringing the light of compassionate awareness into the dark places, we come to realise our own capacity to conquer all demons and become the peaceful warriors we are destined to be.

About Jeff:

Dr. Jeff Miller, Studio Director, Director of Teacher Training, Yoga Instructor, Councilor, Psychotherapist, Coach

BA(Hons) PhD(Psychology) E-RYT500

Jeff, the founder of Botannix Yoga Studio, is a highly experienced instructor with over 600 hours of formal yoga teacher training qualifications, studying with number of renowned gurus including Donna Farhi, Jasmine Tarkeshi and Emily Stone, Alana Kaivalya, Katie Manitsas, David Life and Sharon Gannon. He is a certified Lotus Flow™ and Jivamukti Yoga™ Instructor and is highly-regarded for his creative and thoughtful approach to yoga and his ability to make the ancient teachings relevant to a wide range of people living in the modern western world. Jeff, a doctor of psychology with a specialization in interpersonal relationships, carries with him an in depth understanding of human nature. He combines this knowledge with the ancient techniques of yoga, creating a practice that is personal, heartfelt, uplifting and spiritually supportive. He is known for his focus on self-inquiry, kindness and acceptance, and generosity as a path to greater health, happiness connectedness. His classes involve a fun and insightful journey through creatively sequenced postures, set to uplifting soundtracks, leaving you enlivened, renewed and awakened to your true self.


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