Fertility Massage: A Massage for Women's Health with Jutta Wohlrab


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Friday, 29 Nov 2013
$40 for 1 person or $60 for a couple
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Fertility Massage

A Massage for Women’s Health

with Jutta Wohlrab

Friday 29th November 2013

6.00 - 9.00pm

$40 for 1 person / $60 for a couple

Bookings Essential

The fertility massage is a natural, holistic way to conceive and follows principles of naturopathy. It strengthens the reproductive organs, activates self-healing and assists in developing a better connection to your own body. The therapy was developed by London based obstetrician and fertility expert, Dr Gowri Motha. In Germany the massage was made popular by healer Birgit Zart who said: “Serenity starts in your belly”.

The fertility massage can also be called “massage for women” since its effects go beyond increasing fertility. It can promote hormonal balance in general, thus supporting women of all ages. It has been known to aid PMS (premenstrual syndrome), irregularities of the menstrual cycle, menstrual cramps, and discomfort during menopause. Its supportive effects for the uterus after childbirth or miscarriage can not be underestimated. Overall it is a preventive and health enhancing massage for women. Join Jutta for an evening of self love and self care, as we learn and experience a fertility massage for ourselves!

Jutta Wohlrab is a midwife and yoga teacher with special training in acupuncture, homeopathy and hypnotherapy. She combines her knowledge of the traditional medical approach with a holistic understanding of birth and hormone therapy. For more information about Jutta, you can visit her website: www.elementsofbirth.com

Contact info@sukhamukhayoga.com // 0490 090 530

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Included for $40 for 1 person or $60 for a couple

$40 for 1 person or $60 for a couple

Bookings are essential / Contact info@sukhamukhayoga.com to secure your spot or to find out more!