Dream Wild - Yoga of Possibilities with Mark Breadner


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38c Macpherson St, Bronte, NSW, 2024, Australia
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Friday, 29 Jul 2016
0415 769 348


Asana is just the start of what is an amazing journey to experience the true yoga of possibility. In this half-day talk, Mark Breadner will share the heart of yoga, as it was fundamentally intended to be a full life transformation model. What if your yoga practice could be the pathway to living your dream life? What if right under your nose, your yoga practice could be a tool for transforming your; relationships, career, business and sense of purpose? What if your yoga practice, gave you facility to look at yourself in the mirror and say, “This is who I am. This is what I want in life. I deserve it. And I’ll have it come to pass.”
What You Will Learn during this Yoga of Possibilities Workshop with Mark Breadner: - Yoga as a full life transformational model, and how you can use your practice to bring positive change to all domains of your life; relationships, career, business, purpose, and contribution. - Secrets about yoga that can only be passed from facilitator to student.
Mark will share what he received from masters from all around the world. - How to see a vision you would like to bring to life, and pursue it with confidence, clarity and certainty. Not what others think you should have.Not what you think you are deserving of. Just simply, what is true in your heart. - A direct experience of connecting with that special place. That once seen and acknowledged, will leave you inspired about the life you have lived, and the life you are living. Participants normally walk out of this talk with a sense of clarity, confidence and gratitude for life. More importantly—a recognition that we are all in it together, and we CAN make a difference.
What to prepare: Write down a 3 year(minimum) vision for a life created of your own design. (don''t think what’s possible or not possible or the "how" i am going to do it) Just write down your "Dream Wild"
Mark Breadner is the longest serving yoga educator in Australia, having trained over 1000 Yoga teachers globally. He has a distinct capacity to facilitate rapid growth, developed over 45 years of Yoga practise, teaching and training. Mark is also a qualified somatic psychotherapist.