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Saturday, 7 Sep 2013 to Saturday, 5 Oct 2013
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Saturdays 10am – 1pm for 5 weeks

7th September – 5th October 2013

$220 // Bookings Essential

20 CPD Points with Yoga Australia

In five three-hour sessions, we’ll cover the general principles of alignment and how to safely teach more advanced postures in the seated, standing, twists, backbends and inversions groups. This course is not only for yoga teachers, but for any yogi who would like to further their understanding and their practise of the correct alignment in asanas.

This practical course is based on the principles used by Donna Farhi in Mind, Body & Spirit, and uses H. David Coulter’s definitive text, Anatomy of Hatha Yoga, as a reference. 

The sessions will include presentations, some student demonstrations and group discussion. You’ll also have the chance to practise the poses we cover to your own level of ability.

At the end of this module, you should be able to: 

-confidently teach a range of complex poses with correct alignment 

-identify common errors in these poses and know how to correct these

-safely modify these poses to manage injuries, illness and varying levels of physical ability

-apply these principles effectively in any new poses you encounter.


7/9, 14/9, 21/9, 28/9 and 5/10

Workshop 1

Introduction: the general principles of alignment and the key muscular locks: jalandhara, uddiyana and mula bandha

In this introductory session, we’ll look at the general principles to keep in mind for safe and effective alignment in the key joint complexes and how the three main bandhas work to support this. We’ll also cover how to clearly explain these to students to avoid injury in the yoga studio and to manage any existing injuries.

Workshop 2

Standing poses and twists: spinal alignment and foot positioning

In this session, we’ll dive into the feet, looking at correct foot, ankle, knee and hip alignment in the standing poses, and how this affects spinal alignment. We’ll then look closely at spinal positioning and use of the breath and core work to allow the spine to move freely and safely.

Poses we’ll cover include: trikonsasana, parsvakonasana, parivrtta trikonsasana, parivrtta parsvakonasana, parsvottanasana, ardha chandrasana, parivrtta ardha chandrasana, marichyasana C, ardha matsyendrasana, and pasasana.

Workshop 3

Seated poses and balances: effective forward bends and core strength

Flexible hamstrings are important for preventing lower back injury, but the process of stretching them is equally dangerous if not done correctly. We’ll look at the role of the feet and the connection to the core, and how this complements a forward bend practice. Keeping these core principles in mind, we’ll then explore the more challenging core strength poses and how to present them in the yoga studio.

Poses include: pashimottanasana, janu sirsasana, marichyasana A, bakasana, mayurasana 

and bramacharyasana.

Workshop 4

Backbends: extending the spine safely

Both strengthening and opening, backbends are an essential part of a well-rounded practice but are often difficult to achieve without compressing the lower lumbar. We’ll look at strong footwork, how to engage spinal muscles properly, and the role of the shoulders in allowing

complete spinal extension.

Poses include: ustrasana, urdhva dhanurasana, dhanurasana, supta virasana, and shalabhasana variations.

Workshop 5

Inversions: total engagement

Inversions show if you really know where your feet are! They require engagement throughout the body, an intense focus on the breath and total concentration. No wonder so 

many people find them confronting! In this last session we draw together all the principles we’ve worked on through the course to approach some of the more challenging inversions. We’ll also review all the principles we’ve worked on, and you’ll have time ask any questions on the poses and how this applies on your own practice or teaching.

Poses include: sirsasana, sarvangasana, pincha mayurasana and adho mukha vrksasana.

About the Presenter

Julie Shannon is a highly experienced Sydney yoga teacher practising and teaching yoga to an advanced level. She teaches flowing sequences of physical postures to focus the breath and refine physical alignment. Julie believes yoga is an incredible tool for cultivating energy, harmony and balance in your life. She also believes practicing yoga should be fun! Julie studied with top teachers across the world and has taught at major Sydney schools since 2003. 

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