Beginners 8 Week Course


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Tuesday, 14 Feb 2012
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0415 769 348


Our first round of Beginners course will commence on Tuesday February 14th 2012

This course will run for 8 weeks every Tuesday 7:45-9pm.

The cost for the first round as a part of our special 20% off is $100.

Yoga is a wonderful, holistic practice, but unfortunately the only

practice that allows us to decide for ourselves which level of class to

attend. For most of us if we are slightly flexible or strong we will

very quickly find ourselves in an advanced class, before we are fully

aware of the proper foundations of yoga, body alignment and correct

breathing techniques, making us more prone to injury.

This course will shed light on these very important elements and will

enable you to choose wisely which class to attend and how to modify

each practice in order to meet your needs and better protect yourselves.


Included for $100

The cost of $100 includes 8 sessions once a week on Tuesday night 7:45-9pm