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Saturday, 21 Apr 2012
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Session 1 - April 21st 10am-1pm

Session 2 – April 28th 10am-1pm

With Sarah De Graff

$45 for one session or $80 for both


Touch is a direct experience of connecting & touch has always played a big part in healing.

“Believe it or not we all possess the healing touch. The power of touch in the form of a caring, reassuring hug or a pat on the shoulder has been repeatedly demonstrated to have a powerful impact on healing. Even though we are physical beings we are also electrical beings. When we affect one part of the body electromagnetically, we effect every part o

f the body. Electromagnetic frequencies allow total body communication” – Dr Corey Sondrup

Session 1

Setting the foundation - Adjustments to connect you to the earth

PS II.46; Sthira Sukham Asanam - The connection to the earth is steady and joyful.

Perfecting your asana, seat, connection to the earth is the way to begin all else will follow. How can you ground a student in their pose? How can you help a student find a d

eeper connection to allow them to go further into their asana.

This is a basic adjustments workshop we will look at standing postures and seated postures, examining how through adjustments we can maximise the  ’connection’ to the earth.

Much of this workshop will be as partners, so bring or come with a friend. The sessions are workshop style, we will use lots of props and the workshop is open to teachers, graduates of a teacher training program and students enrolled in a teacher training course.  Please wear clothing that is not too loose and have hair tied back. Feel free to bring cameras and photograph the adjustments as a reminder for later use.

Session 2

Opening up and reaching for the Divine; How adjustments can take you further.

PS I.23; Ishwara Pranidhana-va - By giving you rlife and identity to God you attain the identity of God

A firm and steady connection to the earth (cultivated in session 1) lifts you…uplifts you to reach for something higher. Learn how to adjust someone to access their own buoyancy and lift. We will look at Surya Namaskar and focus on backbending, inversions and meditation seat. There will be lots of prop use and partner work. Open to teachers, teacher training graduates and students enrolled in a teacher training course. Please wear  clothing that is not too loose and have hair tied back. Feel free to bring cameras and photograph the adjustments as a reminder for later use.

Sarah de Graff has been teaching with Idit on Teacher Training for the last three and a half years. She did her first training at Samadhi Yoga, with Katie Manitsas, and is a Certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher. She has also trained in Pranayama Yoga Therapy.

Sarah teaches Jivamukti yoga, and Vinyasa but also loves the practices that balance a dynamic practice or dynamic life. She has taught Yoga Nidra the past four years and is a passionate believer in it’s benefits. She teaches yoga to groups of adults with Autism and a spectrum of psychiatric challenges. She believes that yoga is available to everyone if they want it, regardless of physical or other limitation.

Sarah’s teaching is a form of activism, a way to facilitate peoples experience to expand, to fill out their body, breath, mind, emotions and spirit and in becoming really present and alive, also becoming awake! Sarah loves and teaches from the ancient texts of Yoga and Tibetan Buddhism, especially including sanskrit and chanting. She believes the practice of yoga is something that informs all of life, from working to playing, doing the dishes and making lunch.

Included for $45

$45 for one session of 3 hours or $80 for both