7 week Chakra Balance Course


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Bronte, NSW
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Thursday, 1 May 2014
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Join Patty Kikos for a 7 week Chakra Balance course using Kundalini Yoga and Energy Healing. For the first 7 week course, each week will focus on each chakra's corresponding gland and we will tap into the sacred channels of healing through kundalini yoga, meditation and breathing. You will also be soothed by the sounds of a healing gong.

This is a wonderful way for you to experience the 7 wonders of how your energy system affects your physical body, your thoughts and emotions. The course will help you experience powerful healing shifts during the season of autumn that supports change and transformation. By focusing on the glands, we will encourage our body to secrete hormones that will stimulate change in out body's metabolic activity.

To book or find out more, email info@sukhamukhayoga.com!

Included for $98