200-Hr Bali Yoga Teacher Training


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Mumbal, Bali, Australia
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Monday, 31 Oct 2016 to Wednesday, 23 Nov 2016
Tuition $2800
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Do you ever wonder what Yoga really is? If it is more than just fitness? More than a modern hippy fad? Do you have a desire to know what it is really all about? If so, then Yoga Teacher Training Course is the place for you. Join SYS and our amazing teachers in the heart of Bali for this Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training that will teach you what yoga really is.


In this Bali yoga teacher training course we will live with each other at Jiwa Damai, an organic garden retreat center situated in a tranquil and secluded environment. We are nestled away in a beautiful tropical valley in the heart of Bali, far away from the crowds of tourists. It provides a sanctuary in an idyllic, powerful place where guests can experience tranquility and re-connect to the life-giving qualities of the earth. Our permaculture garden is designed in accordance with nature. We practice sustainable biological gardening based on EM-Technologies (effective microorganisms). One area of the garden contains a variety of medicinal herbs, in other areas we grow plants for Balinese ceremonies as well as organic vegetables and fruit. One focus is to preserve rare species of indigenous plants, another to harvest coconuts and use local traditional methods to produce extra virgin coconut oil.

At Jiwa Damai we will share nutritious, organic Balinese meals family style, we will meditate together in the gardens, practice yoga together in an open air lounge, engage in meaningful philosophical discussion in a conscious way allowing us to explore the depth of mind and emotion and we will explore the physical and energetic bodies finding ways to connect our inner and outer world. By incorporating yoga in its totality we will learn to teach through our own daily practice.


Included for Tuition $2800

Tuition: $2,800.

Room and Food Package: $1,160 – $1,560

The room & food packages includes 23 nights shared accommodation,
with individual beds and 3 fresh, organic, Balinese vegetarian meals
per day. Please review the pictures of rooms here http://jiwadamai.net/accommodation/

  • Option #1 -$1160

    Shared Room with 2 beds, shared outdoor bathroom, Balinese Toilet

  • Option #2-$1310

    Shared Room 2 single beds and a sleeper bed, private outdoor bathroom

  • Option #3 -$1390

    Shared Loft 2 beds upstairs, one sleeper bed downstairs, private indoor bathroom

  • Option #4 -$1560

    2 Rooms with 2 single beds and a sleeper bed in each, private indoor toilet

    1 King Size Bed with a sleeper bed Indoor Toilet (best shared by
    friends, a couple or people who are comfortable sharing personal space)

    1 Queen Size Bed with a sleeper bed Indoor Toilet (best shared by
    friends, a couple or people who are comfortable sharing personal space)




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