Yoga training on the Beach!
Yoga training on the Beach!


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Bali, 80352, Indonesia
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Tuesday, 1 May 2018 toThursday, 24 May 2018
(603) 392-7025


Do you ever wonder what Yoga really is? If it is more than just fitness? More than a modern hippy fad? Do you have a desire to know what it is really all about? If so, then our Yoga Teacher Training Course is the place for you. Join SYS and our amazing teachers on the beach in Bali for this Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training that will teach you what yoga really is.

In this Bali yoga teacher training course we will live together for 24 days at one of the most beautiful and relaxing beaches in Bali. The ocean view is absolutely stunning and the rooms are beautiful, spacious, and very comfortable. There is snorkeling directly in front to your room. Just walk out into the clear blue water, and look down to see the fish and coral.

It’s like an idyllic sanctuary, one of beauty, awe, and near perfectection. It is the perfect place to reconnect to yourself, to others and to the earth. Looking out at the sunrise or the sunset, one can see the full beauty that is in this world.

At this training we will share brunch together, we will meditate together each morning looking out at the Indian Ocean, practice yoga together on the open air deck, engage in meaningful philosophical discussion in a conscious way allowing us to explore the depth of mind and emotion and we will explore the physical and energetic bodies finding ways to connect our inner and outer world. By incorporating yoga in its totality we will learn to teach through our own daily practice.

Schedule / Itinerary

6-7am  chanting, meditation & pranayama
7-9am  yoga class
9-10am  yoga philosophy in daily life
10-2 Brunch & break (snorkle, swim, paddleboard, hike, explore, rest)
2-3pm Anatomy & Sutras
3-6pm Sequency, Adjusting, & teaching workshop
7:30-9pm ocational satsang/ceremony/dance/talk

Three 1-day breaks. 5 days on, one day off and so forth.