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Thursday, 20 Oct 2011 to Thursday, 8 Dec 2011
What does that include?
02 9976 6880


Why join yoga mentoring?

Teaching yoga is a journey of spiritual self-discovery where your

integrity, professionalism and unselfish ideals may be challenged by the

daily pressures of life and the commercial realities of teaching for a


sound familiar?

These weekly mentoring sessions will offer an invaluable resource for teachers of all yoga styles or committed yogis to:

  • Support your own personal progress and practice in yoga
  • Get feedback and the support of a group of fellow teachers to enhance the quality and depth of your professional teaching
  • Learn new techniques and methods to advance your teaching skills
  • Take care of yourself (body, mind and bank balance) as a teacher
  • Earn you  CPD points for Yoga Australia members (This is the annual requirement for YA membership)
What is Mentoring?


is a modern word that describes an integral part of the tradition of

yoga throughout history. It includes the guidance given between teacher

and trainee or student, as well as the ongoing professional and personal

guidance necessary for all yoga teachers, at all levels of seniority

and experience, as part of the continuing journey of yoga. (source Yoga Australia website)

Our sessions will combine

a) group practice of the more subtle aspects of yoga

b) themed discussions for each term

c) consideration of other personal or professional development work

d) a forum to raise questions or seek advice from the group

e) a way to enjoy the support of a committed yoga community

Why is mentoring such a good idea?

As a yoga teacher for nearly 15 years (full time for 10 years) I

found my own practice was restricted or frustrated by my professional

environment. I often felt alone with my questions, and just “stuck” for

where to turn to grow, learn and get the support of people who

understood what a yoga life entails day in and day out.

I have been blessed to undertake 2 years (so far) of weekly mentoring

with a unique yoga master and a small group of other teachers. I cannot

describe the learning, knowledge and support I have received as a

result. It has also bolstered my self-esteem as a teacher when I realise

not only how common many of my “personal” issues are, but also how many

I now know how to resolve or transcend.

Mentoring is now an essential part of my continued development as a person and a teacher. Simple as that!....

I want to offer the same support to local teachers of all persuasions to be the best we can be.

Some areas we will address

  • How to incorporate pranayama and spirituality into your practice and classes
  • Teacher support and advice for teaching or managing practical problems
  • Personal practice techniques
  • Developing a personal and authentic practice to nurture your soul
So what are the details?

Mentor support groups will run in 4 or 8 week blocks on Thursday afternoons at Qi Freshwater, 1.30 - 3.00pm

Cost: $160 per term of 8 x 1.5 hour sessions.

It is possible to attend casually at $25/session

Dates: Term 4 (8 weeks): October 20 - December 8

Mentor Group Leader: Mark O’Brien


is well-known locally as the founder of Qi Natural Therapies & Yoga

where he still teaches daily open classes and leads a

nationally-recognized Teacher Training Diploma, now in its 9th year. He

is a leader in yoga education and tries to juggle a family and the

running of a multi-faceted business whilst observing the yogic

principles according to the yamas and niyamas.

He is passionate about raising training standards and skill levels

for yoga teachers generally. This leads to an emphasis on safety,

appropriate practice for each individual, and builds the credibility and

experience for all yoga teachers to flourish in the community and be

the best person/yogi they can be.

Mark has been teaching since 1996. He has since become one of

Sydney’s in-demand teachers. He holds Senior Membership status and is on

the National Executive of Yoga Australia (formerly the Yoga Teachers’

Association of Australia) and regularly leads retreats and workshops

locally and overseas.

Mark had a strong meditation practice before graduating from the “Heart

of Yoga” teacher-training in 1998 with Karen Schaeffer and Mark

Breadner and has since trained with many respected yoga teachers

including TKV Desikachar and his son Kausthub Desikachar. Mark continues

to study many aspects of Pranayama, Tantra and Hatha yoga. His main

teacher over the past 9 years is the inspiring Donna Farhi.

How do I enroll?

Please complete an application form for consideration to join the group.

These sessions will inspire both current and prospective teachers, as well as suit committed yogis of all styles.

Requirements to join:

You must have completed a yoga teacher training course OR have

undertaken 3 months study of the yoga sutras with a minimum of 3 years

regular practice to join this group.

For more information call Mark on 9976 6880 or

On-Line Registration HERE


Included for $160

$160 per term of 8 x 1.5 hour sessions.

It is possible to attend casually at $25/session