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Sunday, 16 Oct 2011
02 9976 6880


FREE Ujjayi Breathing Workshop with Mysan
November 6

Breath is the foundation of all movement and the heart of many profound -but simple- practices in Yoga.

We take over 22,000 breaths every day yet we are aware of very few -if any- of them.

The simplest and most common way to harness the breath to steady our awareness and energize the body is called "Ujjayi"...a simple audible breath that both heats the body and cools the mind.

Ujjayi means the "victorious" or psychic breath and takes our yoga into a divine and alternate realm. Anyone can master it quickly and easily but it's often overlooked in general classes.

Qi teacher Mysan is so passionate about teaching students the power of the breath,
she's offering this short session FREE. Learn the technique, master any difficulties and watch your yoga fly!

Join her to learn for yourself.

Time: 3 - 3.45pm

Sunday October 16

Venue: Qi Manly, 53 The Corso, Manly

On-Line Registration HERE or call 9976 6880

About Mysan Sidbo

Mysan is a free-spirited adventurer. She graduated from the Qi Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in 2009. Mysan’s earlier career as a snowboarder in Europe has instilled in her an understanding of both the human side of competitiveness as well as the rewards of physical commitment and dedication.

Her passion for yoga, as well as her love for well-being and exercise give her a thorough understanding of how to inspire the human spirit to its edge. Mysan has a sound knowledge of anatomy and in her classes she highlights the importance of building balance between body, mind and breath.

By emphasizing proper alignment across all her classes she ensures a safe progression from beginners up to more practiced students. Mysan combines yoga, breath and positive energy for a holistic approach to all yoga classes resulting in an energetic makeover for the body, mind and soul. You can't but help but join in her wicked chuckle as you smile to yourself at the end of a class with Mysan!