200 H YTT Siem Reap Cambodia + Sydney


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The Centre, 14 Frances Street, Randwick, New South Wales, 2031, Australia
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Saturday, 2 Feb 2019 toMonday, 25 Nov 2019
(02) 6847 6220


Our Sydney Training commences with 100 Hour (Two week) Intensive in Siem Reap, Cambodia 02 - 16 February 2019
This is followed by five weekend workshops at The Centre, Randwick: 16 - 17 March, 15 - 16 June, 17 - 18 August,19 - 20 October,​23 - 24 November.

Our Teachers are yogis with an incredible wealth of experience between them.  (Click for more info) Madi Simmons, Joel Altman & Hariharalaya Faculty, Rachel Zinman & John Weddepohl, Rebecca Bradley

Our Training (Click for more info)  Unique opportunity for training that includes two weeks in Cambodia beginning 02 February, and follwed by five weekend workshops in Randwick.  

This training will gift you with a unique opportunity to truly embody the ethos and ethics of traditional yoga.

Our training covers all the requirements of 200 hour registration with Yoga Alliance, but that is merely the base line.

You will also learn:
to develop and deepen your own daily practice
to live your yoga throughout each day, not merely on the mat
an introduction to ayurveda, the sister science of yoga, and how to embed and embrace this knowledge into your daily lifestyle
exploration of the spiritual aspects of yoga, including chanting, mantra and yantra

The strength of our training lies in 

Our morals and values are those of a yogi; as well as that of a Registered Yoga School.
We are not churning out yoga instructors, but developing intuitive and passionate yogis who teach from the heart and by example in daily living.
Yoga is a way of life, which when practiced, gives all round benefits.

We teach medically sound yoga with a focus on motion within the functional range of movement.
Our teachings embody Atma Vidya, self knowledge.

"When the mind free of thought turns inward,
True, Grace is needed; Love is added.
Bliss wells up."
Our meditation practices are centred on mindfulness.  This style of meditation is immediately accessible to all.  If you can breath, you can meditate.


We are here to support and nurture our students every step of the path to becoming a registered yoga teacher.
We encourage each student to commit to a minimum of twenty hours of loving service to others as a way to begin to know them self.
As a group, each training cohort is financially assisting others in need for their daily living.  This 2019  training will support Stepping Out Home, a home for teenagers and youth in Siem Reap city,  supporting them  to complete secondary and tertiary education,  and Friends Of Children Organisation, an orphanage on the outskirts of Siem Reap.  You will have the opportunity to visit both these homes and to personally help by whatever means you can.
"Your work is your responsibility, not its result. 
Never let the fruits of your actions be your motive.
Nor give in to inaction.
Set firmly in yourself, do your work, not attached to anything.
Remain evenminded in success, and in failure.
Evenmindedness is true yoga."
--Bhagavad Gita, 2.47-49[14][15][7]

Schedule / Itinerary

Training commences with 100 Hour (Two week) Intensive in Siem Reap, Cambodia 02 - 16 February 2019
This is followed by five weekend workshops at The Centre, Randwick:

16 - 17 March
15 - 16 June
17 - 18 August
19 - 20 October
​23 - 24 November