Join us in Nepal to learn directly with Doron Hanoch about creating a Yoga Lifestyle
Join us in Nepal to learn directly with Doron Hanoch about creating a Yoga Lifestyle


Map of Pharping, Central
Tibetan Buddhist Monastery, Pharping, Central, 44600, Nepal
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Friday, 7 Oct 2016 to Thursday, 13 Oct 2016
USD $850 for early bird bookings (paid by end July), or USD $950 standard rate (from 1 Aug)
What does that include?


Take seven days away from your daily routine and responsibilities, and nurture a life of balance, health and happiness that will revitalise you for your life back home. 

Shortly after his upcoming book comes out (“The Yoga Lifestyle”, published by Llewellyn in June 2016), Doron will join us in Nepal to deliver his yoga teacher training. We are thrilled to announce that he has agreed to stay a little longer to offer a retreat based on The Yoga Lifestyle. 

The retreat is a chance to learn directly from Doron, as he shares his hugely warm teaching and deep knowledge of the practices that have proved most effective – in modern, busy life – to cultivate deeper contentment and wellbeing. 

Join us in a stunning location that will inspire your creativity and energy, enjoying delicious vegetarian foods, taking time to be in nature, with daily yoga practice, mindfulness practices, guided meditations in both the Tibetan and Zen Buddhist traditions, the company of good like-minded people, and getting into some of life’s most meaningful questions to see what answers we hold in ourselves.

We will draw on the ancient wisdom of the Indian Ayurveda system, as well as yoga and modern nutrition knowledge. You will learn about your body type (your dosha) andwhat each type needs in order to find balance, through food, yoga practice, breath techniques and lifestyle. 

The retreat aims to bring the experience of yoga on the mat into all levels of life. Create the best life possible without the stress, and be inspired to choose better options for you and your health according to your needs.

Doron Hanoch

We are so grateful that Doron will pausing the tour for the launch of his latest book to teach this extraordinary training. 

Doron is a Certified 550 hour Yoga Teacher (ERYT) as well as the director of the Doron Yoga School (RYS 200 and 500). He was introduced to Yoga and Meditation in 1992 while traveling and studying in the Far East for 2 years. During that time, Doron has studied at the Osho Ashram, with the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala, in Thailand doing Vipassana retreats, and in Japan living and working with a Buddhist priest.

Doron’s teachings are based on the foundation of tradition with a practical and non-dogmatic way. His asana teaching is strong, but at a pace that allows lots of awareness and focus. He teaches with extreme detail, shares a lot of informative tips both for body and mind, and his teaching brings a fun energy infused with humor.

The Venue

For Tibetan Buddhists, the hills of Pharping where we immerse for our training is considered as sacred as Bodhgaya in India, as it is where is where the second buddha Guru Padmasambhava (“Guru Rinpoche”) attained the state of enlightenment, before going on to establish Buddhism in Tibet.

The monastery which is our home during the retreat makes important contributions to the preservation and sharing of the Buddhist teachings, and our stay there helps to fund education for the many young monks from remote areas of Nepal. The lovely guesthouse in the monastery grounds has spacious and modern rooms, comfortable beds for deep and refreshing sleeps, all with contemporary attached bathrooms and hot showers (and many with balconies). The yoga space overlooks the rice paddies of the Kathmandu valley, and – when the weather is clear – gives us stunning views of the sunrise over the Himalayas.

It is the perfect place to go within and reset.

Included for USD $850 for early bird bookings (paid by end July), or USD $950 standard rate (from 1 Aug)

- 6 nights delightfully comfortable accommodation in a unique and inspiring venue
- All your meals (vegetarian) during the retreat
- Doron's world-class teaching
- Local transport from Kathmandu to the monastery
- Special guest teachings, guided nature walks, use of yoga props

Schedule / Itinerary

Highlights of the teachings

• Introduction to Ayurveda and the dosha system.
• Understand the 5 elements and what takes them out of balance.
• Learn to identify when you are out of balance.
• Become empowered! Learn how to balance yourself with food and nutrition. 
• Food for Flexibility: Live 101, superfoods, supplements, water, sprouts, fermentation, and more
• Learn how to build an ideal yoga practice using Doron’s 19 building blocks.
• Tame the beast! Learn practical techniques for mind mastery.
• Learn how to ease stress, and stay calm even during hard times.
• Learn breathing techniques to balance your dosha and where to add them in your practice.
• Learn practical approaches that will help you sustain a yoga lifestyle.

The retreat brings together daily yoga, teachings and practices of Ayurveda, deliciously inspiring healthy foods, time in nature, and mindfulness, all hosted at a beautiful and welcoming Tibetan Buddhist Monastery in the foothills of the Himalayas.