Thai Yoga Massge Practitioner Training Course

Nov18201912:00 amtoDec06201912:00 am

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76 Sunrise Boulevard, Byron Bay, New South Wales, 2481, Australia
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Monday, 18 Nov 2019 toFriday, 6 Dec 2019
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3-week Intensive, Practitioner Training Course in Thai Yoga Massage. Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm - Accredited - non residential - in stunning Byron Bay, NSW: 18 Nov - 06 Dec 2019This whole training is designed so that students gain an intensive learning experience in Thai Massage, where practice is backed up by clear and detailed communication of the techniques and sequences original from the North of Thailand and supported by a detailed manual and a complete video to support the learning.In addition, this course focuses on precise direction of pressure of each pressure point and each meridian, while using the practitioner's body weight rather than strength and the best possible posture and alignment to avoid long term injuries.This guarantees you are gaining as solid a grounding as is possible, on which to build your future practice.Every day starts with an hour and a half Yoga class to prepare the body and the mind, and continues with the Thai Yoga Massage component.The first 2 levels provide students with the practical skills to perform the traditional sequence in 4 positions: front, side, back and sitting.The 3rd level consists of 5 days of supervised practice to consolidate the information learnt in the previous two weeks, so to make it easy to focus on your own body and postural alignment.Some pre-study material will be given at due time and it's worth mentioning that Thai Yoga Massage, like Yoga, is a practice and it will therefore require practice after the course. More info on:

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Yoga Class in the morning, Thai massage component, Manual and Video

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Monday toFfriday 9 am to 6 pm